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  1.        O.L.A. rules and regulations have precedence.




  1.        Zone 8 shall be composed of minor lacrosse associations within its boundaries or any other associations approved by a majority vote of Zone 8 in good standing and approved associations must be a member in good standing with the O.LA.




  1.        Any Zone elected or appointed officer who is absent for two consecutive monthly meetings, for reasons other than sickness or leave of absence, shall be disqualified from office for the remainder of his/her term.


  2.       Any club not represented at a meeting without sending regrets will be fined $100.00 unless waived by the Zone executive.  A club must attend a minimum of 5 out of the 8 meetings scheduled.


  3.       The executive may remove from office any executive officer for failure to perform his/her duties in an effective manner by a two-thirds majority vote of Zone 8


  4.       Executive officers shall serve a term of one year and be elected. In the case of an

    unfilled position, the Zone director shall appoint someone, to be ratified at the next meeting.


  5.       The term ends prior to the Zone 8 Annual meeting.


  6.       Each affiliated association shall submit to the Secretary and Director, a list of its executive by the January Zone meeting. Changes in officers shall also be advised to the Secretary and Director immediately.


  7.       A quorum of a majority of associations in good standing and a majority of executive members, excluding Life members and the Zone Director, who are not part of the quorum, is required to pass, amend, or repeal any rules and regulations that govern Zone 8.


  8.      Rules and Regulations will be amended once a year by March 31.


  9.      Any Executive member requested to attend an O.LA. Meeting is paid a flat fee of $65.00.


  10.      Any executive member requested to attend a special zone meeting is to be paid a rate of .40 cents per kilometre both ways.


  11.      The executive will establish the rate of entry per team for each year and the final date for payment of entry fees.


  12.      A one-time performance bond of $125.00 will be required by each association prior to the acceptance to the zone.


  13.      Each association in good standing will have one (1) vote at the annual meeting for each team entered and/or paid for in Zone 8.


  14.      Life Members will have one (1) vote at the Annual meeting providing they attend at least 3 meetings during the current year prior to the Annual meeting. No proxy votes are allowed by anyone.


  15.      Each association in good standing may have two (2) votes at a Zone 8 regular meeting. Life members will have 1 vote and the Executive will vote on the discretion of the Director.


  16.      Each association must have a representative at the Annual Meeting or a fine of $100.00 will be levied.  Unless waived by the Zone Executive.



     For each dispute, the Zone Director shall appoint a committee of three (3) neutral     members of the board, one of which shall be the chairperson.

  1.    The Executive may fine a club in any season, or may suspend or expel a club, team      member, or player, for conduct detrimental to the game of lacrosse, individually or collectively, at any place where a lacrosse match is being played or at any meeting or gathering in the interest of the game or for any persistent infringement of the laws of the game, or the rules of Zone 8, or for neglecting to obey to carry out any order of the Executive, transmitted by the Director or Secretary of Zone 8.

  2. A player, coach or manager may be suspended by the Discipline Committee for just      cause, for any period which the director may consider proper by the circumstances, but the suspended person or persons may apply in writing through the Secretary within seven days of such suspension for the right to appeal before a neutral committee at its next meeting within 7 days of receiving the application for appeal.

  3. Suspensions of players or team personnel for a specific number of games will apply to the team he is carded with.  An individual under suspension may not participate in any game, tournament games, exhibition games, referee or timekeep or in any other division.  SUSPENSIONS MUST BE NOTED ON THE GAME SHEET.  Suspensions must be served consecutively.


  4. Protests or appeals regarding games must be in writing signed by the Club President and Secretary, and must be sent within 48 hours (Saturdays and Sundays accepted) of the event to the Zone Secretary.  Such protest or appeals must be accompanied by a certified cheque or money order of $50.00 payable to Zone 8.  This bond will be returned if the protest or appeal is upheld.  A copy of the protest or appeal must be sent to all parties.

  5. All match/gross penalties must be written on a Special Incident Report and a copy sent and a verbal or email report made to the  Zone Referee-In-Chief within twenty-four (24) hours of the incident.


  6. Fines levied must be paid to the Treasurer at the next Zone meeting or the association in arrears may be suspended.

  7. A fine of $10.00 will be imposed on any player or team personnel for each major penalty incident and or penalty and/or game misconduct penalty.  10-minute misconduct is not considered to be a major penalty.

  8. A coach guilty of playing a suspended player will be suspended indefinitely, the game will be forfeited and the coach will be fined $50.00 for the first (1) occurrence and $100.00 for all subsequent occurrences and must appear before the Discipline Committee within five (5) days of the incident.  The suspension to the player will be reassessed.

  9. A copy of all fines levied must be sent to the treasurer.


  10. MR2.12 (a) No one but the player in uniform, coach and suitable attired trainer shall be permitted to occupy the bench so provided.  Maximum of five (5) non-playing personnel allowed on the bench, one of whom must be a certified trainer. (All must be registered)


  11. Minor penalties will be two minutes and will begin when play commences.

  12. All penalties shall be timed on the game clock and shall commence when play resumes, after the penalized player has taken his/her place in the penalty box.

  13. In the event of a conflict in sweater colours, the HOME CLUB shall change.

  14. Game structures should be posted in each centre’s penalty box.  Addendum attached.

  15. For each game the home club shall provide competent, mature minor officials, with a minimum of two persons above Tyke, as follows:

    1. Official scorer

    2. Game and penalty timekeeper

    3. Offensive timekeeper (30 seconds)

                Game sheet must have the minimum 2 scorekeepers identified

  16. The visiting club has the right to place a registered representative of their club in the penalty box area as a silent observer reporting concerns to the referee only.

  17. The official scorer shall ensure that the referee’s report is signed and printed by all game officials immediately after the game, and that a copy of the report is provided to each participating team.

  18. The game sheet must be distributed as follows:

    Top copy –                      ZONE RIC-mail to




    8942 Side Road #3

    Kenilworth, On

    N0G 2EO




    2nd copy – Visiting Club
    3rd copy – Home Club

  1.  For failure to provide game official or necessary game equipment, the home associations will be fined $10.00 for each offence as noted by the referee.


  1. All tournaments and clinics must be submitted to the Zone at the January meeting for approval prior to applying to O.L.A. and make them aware to all.  A fine of $50.00 shall be levied if failure to do so.

  2. (A)Any association having two (2) or more teams in one (1) division must submit a roster for each team to the Registrar by June 1 of the playing season.  After June 1st, any changes must be approved by the Zone Director, who will then bring the change(s) to the Board for final approval.

(B) An Association may move player(s) from Tier 2 to Tier 1 in the same age division

up until June 1st.  Movement from Tier 1 to Tier 2 is not permitted within the same age division.
(C) A team may use only five (5) affiliated players (AP) per game.

(D) A player can play up only five (5) games per season (Zone regular + Zone playoff games). Excluding the Goalie

(E) A team in violation of rule #41 (c) and / or #41 (B) will forfeit the results of the game.  Their score will be 0 goals for and the opposition will retain the number of goals they have acquired, unless they have been shut out, in which cases they will be given a score of 1.

NOTE:  Rule 41 a, b, c, d & e applies only to movement from Tier 2 to Tier 1 within the same division.



Movement of players will be permitted from the next lower age category team in the in the following sequence:


From an equal or lower division, up to 5 players may move up.

From the next higher division up to 3 players may move down.

No movement is permitted downward from any higher than one division.


(ie) FROM: C up to A (5 players)

C up to B (5 players)

C to C (5 players)

C down to D (3 players)

No movement permitted from C down to E (or lower division)



42. (A) All associations must report all exhibition games to the Zone Scheduler, Zone

          Statistician, Zone RIC and Zone Director three (3) days prior to the game being

          played via email. Failure will result in a $10.00 being levied.

         (B) RIC must receive copies of all exhibition game sheets within ONE (1) weeks

         from game date. Failure will result in a $10.00 fine being levied.

         (C) Game scores of all exhibition games must be reported within 24 hours of the game  

         in the prescribed format (see below) to the Zone Scheduler, Zone Statistician & Zone  

         RIC.  Failure will result in a $10.00 fine being levied.

         (D) Suspensions may be served in exhibition games provided that the Exhibition game

         has been scheduled and submitted to the Zone Director and Zone RIC prior to 

         the suspension being assessed.


Date: _______________

Series/Division: _____________

Game played at: _______

Home Club: __________ Team # ______ Score: ______ Penalty Minutes ______

Visiting Club: _________ Team # ______ Score: ______Penalty Minutes ______

GM_________   GROSS_________ MATCH_________ PLAYER#:_______TEAM__________





  1.                                  NON ZONE GAME GUIDELINES



Teams in the Corporation shall not be allowed to play matches with teams or players who have been suspended or expelled from the Corporation during the period of such suspension or expulsion. Clubs so doing knowingly shall be suspended automatically, subject to ruling by the Board of Directors.


All teams intending to take part in non-zone games must submit completed OLA Non Zone Game Form to both Zone Directors at least one week prior to scheduled game for authorization. All participants, players, bench personnel and game officials, must be in good standing. Game sheets for the games must be forwarded by the home club to the appropriate Zone designate within 48 hours. Any discipline matters resulting from the game will be dealt with under the direction of the home team’s Zone Director.


NOTE: OLA Non Zone Game Form is available on the OLA website


A player shall not play in an exhibition game or tournament unless as a member of the association with which he/she is signed.


These guidelines are applicable for all Non Zone Games, including exhibition, interlock games, and Fun Days




All teams must fulfill ALL of their Zone responsibilities. Non Zone games will not be authorized if a team has not fulfilled their Zone responsibilities.


All games NOT on an original / posted Zone schedule including cancelled / rescheduled) Zone games MUST be rescheduled utilizing the Non Zone Game Form. This is in line with requirements for insurance purposes.


Please save file name as: Non Zone [Home Club] [Division & Level] vs. [Visitor Club] [Division & Level] – [Date]

                  eg: Non Zone Barrie Novice 1 vs. Brampton Novice 2 – Aug 1 2013


   Please allow Zone Directors one week for Non-Zone game approvals





  1. Anyone who does not attend an O.L.A. sanctioned referee’s clinic will not be allowed to referee.

  2. A list of carded referees and their levels must be submitted to the Zone Director,and Zone Referee-In-Chief by May1st.  A $50.00 fine for not submitting by May 1st will be assessed.  A referee may be added to the list after May 1st upon approval of the Zone Director and the Zone Referee-in-Chief.

  3. Any club who employs an unregistered referee for the current playing season will be fined $50.00 for the first occurrence and $100.00 for each occurrence after notification from the Zone Director.

  4. In the event of an un-notified postponed game, the referee in attendance shall be paid at that time.

  5. In addition to game fees, referees are entitled to travel expenses as set by Zone 8 payable prior to the game.

  6. No game shall be started with only (1) referee.

  7. (A) The association/centre R.I.C. is to be approved by the zone R.I.C.

     (B) The association/centre R.I.C. is to submit copies of all referee supervisions to the

     Zone R.I.C. within 7 (Seven) days of the supervision.  Every referee in all associations   

     shall receive a minimum of 1 (One) formal supervision.

  8. An official who fails to show up for an assigned game shall be reported to the Ontario Lacrosse Referees Association Discipline Committee if the game is cancelled. That official shall be subject to any decisions rendered by the committee.


    REASON:  The OLRA has first right to discipline its members.



  1. Registration forms must be submitted to the Zone Registrar within 14 days of being signed.


  2. (A) Home Club must submit top copy of game sheet for all Zone 8 games to Zone RIC within ONE weeks from the date of game. Failure will result in a fine being levied at $5.00 per day to a maximum of $20.00.

     (B) A fine of $10.00 will be levied to offending Clubs if game sheet is missing information, penalty minutes tallied incorrectly and game sheet is not readable.

     (C) Home Club must email game score and penalty minutes in the prescribed format

    (see below) within 24 hours of game completion to the Zone Scheduler, Zone Statistician and Zone RIC.  Failure will result in a $10.00 fine being levied.


    Date: _______________

    Series/Division: _____________

    Game played at: _______

    Home Club: __________ Team # ______ Score: ______ Penalty Minutes ______

    Visiting Club: _________ Team # ______ Score: ______Penalty Minutes ______

    GM:_________ GROSS:________ MATCH:_________ PLAYER:______ TEAM:________


  3. All players and team personnel in Zone 8 must be registered with the Local Registrar prior to being included in any try outs, practices, exhibition, and regular season or playoff game.  A copy of any registrations after games have started must be into the Zone Registrar within 7 days of the game being played.

  4. Registration of players and team personnel must be on prescribed forms, printed in ink, and completed in every aspect.  Otherwise the player or team personnel involved will be considered not registered.

  5. For playing a non-registered player or team personnel, the coach will be suspended immediately until reviewed by the disciplinary committee. A fine of $200.00 as per OLA policy MR 2.14.  Any team continuing to use a non-registered player or team personnel after notification shall forfeit all games henceforth. A phone call, e-mail or fax by the Registrar will be made to the Club President of the offending club as soon as detected and shall be noted on fine sheets.

  6. The RIC will levy fines via email notification to the Club President affected and copied to the ZoneTreasurer and Zone R.I.C.




  7. Any club postponing a game must notify the Zone Scheduler for the series and the other club contact involved at least forty eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled game or a fine of $20.00 will be levied.


  8. The team requesting postponement of a game must pay a $5.00 administration fee, arrange a suitable alternative date within five (5) days and notify the Zone Scheduler or a fine of $20.00 will be levied.


  9. There will not be any forfeited games.  All games must be played or the association will be fined $500.00 per incident (and be ineligible for Provincials per OLA rule).


  1. Forfeiting club will pay reffing, timekeeper and floor costs.

  2. The fine of $500.00 will be imposed on the home club if a set scheduled game cannot be provided and be split as follows; 50% towards the Zone and 50% towards the visiting club.  An act of God will void such fine.


  1. All rescheduled games must be arranged by both local schedulers and approved by zone scheduler.


  2. Zone playoffs must be complete before Provincials where applicable.






  3. A club must be responsible for the care and safekeeping of any trophy won by it or any of its players.  If a trophy is lost or damaged while in care of any team or any of its players, the cost of repair or replacement will be charged to that club.  Clubs are responsible for putting on nameplates consistent to what is there.  If no nameplate is added when one is required, the club will be billed for the Zone doing it.


  1. All trophies shall be returned to the Executive Director or Convenor of the series by the club responsible for them on or before the first meeting in May.  Such delivery in good condition shall relieve the team of any further responsibility for the care and safekeeping of the trophy or trophies delivered.


    Failure of any club to deliver any trophy in its care to the Convenor on or before the first meeting in May will result in a fine of $50.00 with the option of lifting the association bond.

  2. Zone Sportsmanlike trophies will be awarded to a team in each of the divisions Tyke-

    Intermediate who have accumulated the least amount of penalty minutes during regular season play.  Distribution of said trophies to be awarded to Clubs at the next scheduled Zone meeting.



      66. (A) A fee of $50.00 (fifty dollars) for release requests to be heard at Zone.

              Fee is non-refundable.

             (B) A fee of $50.00 (fifty dollars) for Zone suspensions greater than five (5) games to

             be heard at Zone.  Fee is non-refundable.





    ELECTED                           APPOINTED

    Director                                           Web

    Assistant Director                           Trophies

    Tech Director                                  STATS                                                               





    Girls Rep Director

    Field Director


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